Friday, April 15, 2011

tortilla chips

use cookie cutters on tortilla use a little olive oil and salt bake at 400 degrees for a few minutes
yummy snacks

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the Helping Chair

My dear friend Shalissa wrote this beautiful piece and thankfully gave me permission to send it out to the blogging world. Many have asked for this so here it is for you to share. She says she doesn't care that her name is on it but I do so if you share this with anyone please keep her name with it.

On the Helping Chair by Shalissa Lindsay

I believe that sharing the gospel is infinitely important, that missionary work is our solemn obligation, and that people’s eternal salvation hangs in the balance. Yet this awesome responsibility sometimes invokes deep trepidation because I’m clumsy. The gospel is so beautifully expansive that I know my descriptions can’t do it justice. What if I start at the wrong end? What if my manner seems too pushy and I offend someone? Will a person close their heart to the message just because I said too much too soon? Or said it too awkwardly? I’m scared of being singularly responsible for ruining someone's eternity.
While pondering this dilemma, I find myself baking with my little daughter Katie. I could do it much faster myself, but she finds joy in helping, and I enjoy teaching her. I pull the "helping chair" up to the table so she can stand in front of the bowl. Then I ask her to dump in the ingredients one by one as I hand them to her. Now stir. Now add this. Now stir. Now put this in. Good girl! And I teach her little things along the way. “This makes the dough sweet” or “this keeps it from sticking to the pan.” Katie spills half the cup of flour. I adjust by adding more. Katie drinks some of the water before she dumps it in. I adjust by adding more. She lets some eggshells fall in. “Uh oh!” she laments. She thinks she has ruined the cookies. I calmly fish out the shells with a spoon and reassure her that it’s okay. She just needs to faithfully follow my dumping instructions, one at a time, and before she knows it, we’ll have yummy treats to enjoy together.
I just want her to learn and enjoy the process so that she can better enjoy the product. I'm the main cook, and I take care of the details. I muse silently about ingredient ratios, chemical reactions, and varying cooking times and heats required for different recipes. Some items need to chill in the refrigerator; others must be heated immediately. Too young to understand the complexities of the process, Katie just licks the spoon and asks when she can taste the cookies. The oven seems to take forever….
And while I’m coaching Katie about cookies, I suddenly realize that the Lord is coaching me about missionary work. I’m not the main chef in that labor. I’m on the helping chair. The Lord could do it all much faster himself, but he enjoys teaching me. Through the Spirit, the Lord prompts me to make missionary invitations to people I meet, in much the same way that I tell Katie to combine ingredients. “Add an invitation,” he whispers. Now stir. Add a testimony. Now stir. Add some detail and stir gently. Sometimes I spill awkwardly, saying too much or too little. Have I ruined my friend’s impression of the Church forever? Each time, the Lord reassures me that I just need to keep following his instructions one at a time. The Lord is in charge of all the other inputs in a person's life. He knows the reading material that will pass before a person, the person's history and prayers, what other friends or family members will say and do, and how all these ingredients will work together in the end for best results. I don't know which efforts will produce quick results and which will take a long time to be fruitful. But the Lord is the main cook and he takes care of the details. He understands the complex interactions of faith, patience, work, and agency. He knows when to stir people along quickly and when to let them sit and rise awhile. To me, this process often seems to take forever. But along the way, I’m learning little things about the process of saving souls. “This ingredient makes friendship sweet” and “this technique prevents stickiness.” I’m learning to trust that the Lord can fix my errors. I’ve already tasted some joy in his kitchen, and I look forward to tasting the final results of our labors.

Monday, July 5, 2010

happy people

I found this book at my friend's house and asked to borrow it because who doesn't like ideas on being happy. Really all it is is a collection of scientific studies about happy people but I love just reading some of the chapter titles.
your life has purpose aand meaning
you don't have to win every time
cultivate friendships
turn off the t.v.
accept yourself unconditionally
remember where you came from
friendship beats money
have realistic expectations
believe in yourself
don't let your religious beliefs fade
don't be aggressive with friends and family
dont confuse stuff with success
every relationship is different
it's not what happened, it's how you think about what happened
busy is better than bored
satisfaction is relative
try to think less about the people and things that bother you
enjoy what you have
don't blame yourself
events are temporary
be your own fan
you always have a choice
listen to music
don't dwell on unwinnable conflicts
enjoy the ordinary
envying other people's relationships is pointless
focus on what really matters
you are a person not a stereotype
say "so what"
you have not finished the best part of your life
those are just some of them but it's a fun book to skim over randomly

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Got these with a coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond. The boys love them.

Friday, March 12, 2010

sticky tack

First of all I have to say I have WAY too much fun with my kids toys... I have been known to hide some of my favorites.

I set this up as a really cool battle of dinosaurs vs. the pirate ship with a car barricade and everything. My kids weren't too impressed but I had lots of fun.

then my 3 year old was frustrated that he couldn't get his toys to stay on the little skateboards... so I thought hmm let's try sticky tack

my 2 year old wasn't so sure about this but had fun putting Diego on the car ramp

then we decided it would be funny to stick toys to the wall

my 3 year old decided to put his on the ceiling so his brother couldn't take them

we had fun

Sunday, February 28, 2010

my view on things- kids meals

there's lots of things we say we'll never let our kids do (like let them watch tv, let them play video games, give them sugar... you get the idea) but then we become parents. Well one thing I haven't done is buy kid meals with toys. I didn't really set out for that one but I don't think I've ever bought my kids a happy meal or anything like that. I just buy off the dollar menu cause it's cheaper. I like that they don't know they could be getting a toy every time we go out to eat. It also makes it pretty special when grandparents come visit and buy them for them. Someday they'll figure this out but hey I'll go with my way as long as I can.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

i spy bag

Finally made my I-spy bags. They're not pretty (still learning to sew) but they work. Learn how to make them from HERE

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bead ironing craft

excited to start

the crafts I got forever ago at Wal Mart
just waiting until they were old enough to do them with me

turns out 2 and 3 really aren't old enough. they got bored after a few minutes because they had a hard time maneuvering such little pieces. so they watched me do it and then ran off to play

but I had fun

Sunday, January 17, 2010

no-bake cookies

After finding out some of my new friends out here in NC have never even HEARD of no-bake cookies I must post about these childhood favorites.

No Bake Cookies Recipe

2 c. sugar
1/2 c. milk
3 tbs. cocoa
3 c. oatmeal
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 c. peanut butter

mix everything up in a pot EXCEPT the oatmeal.
bring to a boil for only 1 1/2 min. NO LONGER or it won't form right

take off of heat and mix in oatmeal

quick oats works better than regular oats I've found

spoon globs on wax paper or tin foil and let cool
until they can peel right off